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We Must Stop The Suffering Of

Jason Harrison

I have lived in Bullsbrook for 20 years. Those in the Defence Industry will know Bullsbrook as 'Pearce RAAF Base'. It is used for training by the RAAF and the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Pearce also has operational responsibility for RAAF Gingin, a small military airfield located near Pearce, also used for flying training.
My family and have lived in a former RAAF house across the road for over 30 years. We have had bracken water through our water taps.
I have also spoken with many Veterans, heard tales of the RAAF and DVA making it hard for Veterans to receive compensation or even acknowledge over Benzene Exposure whilst working Jet Fighters such as the F-111 Deseal/Reseal projects as well as working on the Macchi/Hornet/Mirage Jets and more.
To the detriment of their families who worry, and to the Veterans that want to make sure their families are looked after when they are gone. Veterans have done a great service for a country, they need recognition and our help.